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WUNMI is a singer/songwriter, performer and costume designer. Born in London, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria through her early teens, her work draws from a childhood steeped in the sounds, style and ethics of Afrobeat as well as the roots movement coming out of Jamaica. As a teen in London, soul, rare grooves, acid jazz/funk, broken beat and drum and bass would further influence Wunmi’s sensibility. Wunmi studied fashion in London; then her role as the iconic dancer for Soul II Soul would bring her into the dance and music scene of New York, where she would begin to design costumes for her choreographer friends. She has been awarded a ‘Bessie’ for her work with Marlies Yearby and Ron Brown. In the past year commissions for works by Nora Chipamuire, and Ron Brown, have been produced by Urban Bush Women and Alvin Ailey Dance Company (respectively). Annually Wunmi returns to Nigeria to produce her clothing line Wow Wow by Wunmi. There she works closely with textile artisans as most of the Wow Wow line is of limited run hand dyed Batik. The online store is up and growing! Check it out at Wunmi’s first recordings were as featured artist on the tracks of some of House music's reigning producers: Osunlade, M.A.W., Bugz in the Attic, Pasta Boys-- Her first songwriting credits were in collaboration with the legendary Roy Ayers. Wunmi’s work was a major catalyst in bringing afro beat and the work of Fela Kuti into the mainstream in America, participating on such projects as Red Hot and Riot, and New York’s epic Jump n Funk parties. Her first solo album, A.L.A. (African Living Abroad), was lauded by Giles Peterson as 'an essential release from a unique artist'. Wunmi’s second solo album SEE ME is awaiting release. Wunmi has wowed audiences from BigDay Out Australia to Zanzibar, Tanzania; Sao Paolo, Brazil to Detroit, Michigan; Brooklyn to Zaragoza. In Spain, at the Pirinos Sur World Music Festival, Wunmi was proclaimed best in show by audiences, as well as critics and promoters. Wunmi’s live performances are unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

  • Born in London; raised in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Awarded a ‘Bessie’ for work with Marlies Yearby & Ron Brown
  • Wunmi studied fashion in London
  • Was Stylist & iconic Dancer for Soul II Soul
  • Her first solo album, A.L.A. (African Living Abroad)

Wunmi Exciting Release and Tour Information 2018.

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Wunmi @SXSW 2018

Fans and Followers crossed over and got moving in Austin Texas this March 2018. Jumping videos from this years shows.

New Wunmi Music

Wunmi prepares first track from her forthcoming Album. Expect a jammin first video and Single from Wumi this Summer.

Return from Africa

Back from a recent trip to Nigeria, Wow Wow by Wunmi new styles colors and forms of a unique African craft in all sizes.



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